I write English-set medievals with an occasional foray into Regency—my two favorite time periods. Here are excerpts from two completed manuscripts and two works-in-progress. If you have comments about them, please let me know on my contact page.



  • WETA-ORA Contest ~ Winner
  • OWFI Contest ~ 2nd place

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~Lady Alyss vows to protect her lands from all threats, until she discovers the biggest threats from Sir Roark is to her heart.~

Roark of Stoddard lives for one thing only—to win his own land. But when his traitorous lord dies attacking King Richard the Lionheart, Roark sees his dream die as well.  His only recourse—find an heiress and marry her. Quickly. Who’s available? The sister of the king’s favorite captain, who dies defending the king.

Alyss of Chauvere is determined to defend her castle now that both her father and brother are dead, and she has no intention of falling victim to the first knight who comes along. Then the rugged and dangerous Sir Roark shows up to fulfill what he claims is his vow to her dying brother, and she finds herself wed after all.

When Prince John’s man appears the day after the wedding with an order to marry Alyss, and an army to back up the demand, Roark discovers his simple plan is tangled in a treacherous political web of royal ambition, lies, and murder. As he fights for his new life, Roark must hide his deception from Alyss, but she has her own secret that could threaten their happiness.


  • 2009 Beacon Contest ~ 2nd place
  • GOTCHA! Contest ~ Finalist

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~He’s everything a proper lady should never want, and she’s everything a bastard mercenary can never have.~

Sir Giles of Cambrai kidnaps a bride on the eve of her wedding. And now he’s dragged her into a political intrigue that threatens both their lives. What in Satan’s own hell has he gotten himself into?

Sir Giles of Cambrai, the infamous Silverhawke, has come to England to kill his father, the man who seduced and abandoned his mother 28 years earlier. But first depriving the old lord of the one thing he wants most in life will make revenge even sweeter. So Giles kidnaps the man’s betrothed—his last chance at an heir. In the process, Giles uncovers a plot against England. Now he’s faced with a dilemma—take the lady or find the traitor?

What’s a good mercenary to do? Both, of course.

Lady Emelin has had enough. Abandoned in a convent by her brother, at last she can have a home and family—the two things she’s always wanted. Now, she’s abducted by a rogue mercenary. Trouble is, he’s the image of the knight she’s always dreamed of. Still, she’s not going to let him spoil her last chance at happiness.

Her only option? Escape, of course.

Giles is determined to keep her safe, even if it means dragging her back each time she slips away. Protecting her as he tracks the traitors is a greater challenge than he imagined. But the greatest challenge to both Giles and Emelin is the fire that blazes between them. For he’s everything a proper lady should never want, and she’s everything a bastard mercenary can never have.


  • 2010 Linda Howard Award of Excellence ~ 2nd place

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~A bitter mercenary is prepared to die for revenge until a determined lady forces him to live for love. ~

Stephen of Riverton is back from the dead: disillusioned, bitter and beautiful as sin. Lady Evelynn of Chauvere thought she’d buried her youthful love, yet one glance resurrects it. His pain-filled eyes reflect her own scarred heart, and she knows he is her destiny. But the blasted mercenary refuses to give her a chance. Each time she reaches out, he slaps her back more cruelly than before. If nothing else, Lady Evie learns her lessons well. He doesn’t want her? Fine. She longs for a calm, conflict-free existence and she will find a peaceful knight who will give her just that. Now if she can just convince her heart all is well.

Sir Stephen has no room for love in his vengeance-filled heart. Little Evie may have grown into an entrancing lady, but she can have no place in his life. He’s bent on locating the rogue Englishmen who massacred a Saracen village and his wife along with it. Stephen’s own band of mercenaries have at last identified the lord who led the villainous murderers, and Stephen discovers the man he wants now lives just short leagues away. Revenge is at hand, and he refuses to allow an unwanted passion to interfere. The only solution is to drive Evie away with his callous behavior. Trouble is, he succeeds too well.

But fate isn’t through with Stephen and Evie. She is abducted by the men he’s chasing and he must rescue her. Their journey of escape and retribution forces Stephen to face his hidden past and Evie to conquer her deepest fear. When he finally confronts the traitor, Stephen realizes retribution is an empty victory without Evie by his side


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Injured when she was 5, Miranda Chelsey has experienced enough averted glances to know her limp, no matter how slight, dooms her to life alone. Once her beautiful sister weds, Miranda plans to retire to the country permanently. But just once she wants to experience a night with a man, to know the magic of being loved. Only one night to make memories for a lifetime. With the help of her dearest friend, she contacts an exclusive brothel that provides services for women as well as men. What she doesn’t know is the code name she’s chosen is perilously close to one used by a French spy the War Department’s top agent is tracking.

When War Department informant Madame Justine receives a request from “The Kitty” for a man’s services, Major Rand Thompson is elated to at last locate Le Chat, the spy responsible for the deaths of hundreds of British soldiers, including his two closest friends. Answering the request, however, Rand discovers the wrong feline in his bed—too late he learns she’s the sister of the woman he’s courting.

Finding the spy before she extracts more military secret is only part of the danger Rand faces as he battles to free Miranda from kidnappers and himself from a looming marriage—to the wrong sister.