I’m thrilled to announce that The Heart of the Phoenix, Sir Stephen and Lady Evelynn’s story, is contracted with The Wild Rose Press. Right now I’m doing edits. Hope to have those finished very soon. A shout-out goes to my wonderfully understanding editor, Allison Byers.

 Here it is, the cover for my debut novel SILVERHAWK, a medieval romance. I love it and hope you all will too. The cover, that is, although I hope you love the book as well. It will be out in late fall from The Wild Rose Press. Release date to come soon.

Silverhawk_cover xxx

He’s everything a proper lady should never want; she’s everything a bastard mercenary can never have.


To avenge his mother’s honor, Sir Giles of Cambrai has come to England to kill his father. First, however, he’ll take sweet revenge by kidnapping his sire’s new betrothed. But when Giles uncovers a plot against King Richard, he faces a dilemma: take the lady or track the traitors. What’s a good mercenary to do? Both, of course.

Abandoned in a convent by her brother, Lady Emelin finally has the chance for home and family. Yet now she’s been abducted. Her kidnapper may be the image of her dream knight, but she won’t allow him to spoil this betrothal. Her only solution: escape

Rescuing the intrepid lady–while hunting the traitors–is a challenge Giles couldn’t anticipate. But the greatest challenge to both Giles and Emelin is the fire blazing between them. For he’s everything a proper lady should never want, and she’s everything a bastard mercenary can never have.

~            ~            ~           ~


Welcome to my worlds.

Escape to a time and place where wishes are granted and dreams fulfilled and a perfect hero awaits.

Imagined realms—where are yours? If you could live in a different time or place, what would it be? I always thought I was born hundreds of years too late. I’d love to live in a castle. Or take part in the glittering Renaissance. Certainly dance at intriguing Regency balls.

All those dreams occurred when I was young. Of course. When I grew up, I realized none of those times had readily available headache meds, sanitation was practically non-existent, and—well—you can add the other modern necessities you wouldn’t want to do without.

Now I love recreating some of those worlds where we can enjoy the adventure but avoid the hardships.

Come with me to those places. Relax with your favorite drink, and follow your heart to imagined realms. Here you are safe. Here you are secure. Here your imagination can soar.